Guardians are always responsible for minors visiting Ski Bike Hike Ulricehamn.

Full-face helmets and back protectors are mandatory

Access to the resort and lifts requires a helmet that covers the entire face, a so-called full-face helmet, as well as a back protector. We also recommend an upper body protector and knee and elbow protectors.

Disc brakes

Only mountain bikes with disc brakes both front and rear are allowed.

All biking is at your own risk

It falls to the rider to choose a trail suited to their experience and knowledge and to adapt their riding to their own capability. One person per bike. Bike trailers and other aids are not allowed.

Park access is not permitted after closing time

When the lift is closed, the area is considered a workplace and as such vehicles and personnel may be found on the trails. Accordingly, riding and being on the resort’s trails are prohibited at these times.

It is the rider’s responsibility to be aware of the rules

Guests must be aware of the rules and terms and conditions found in SLAO’s little green book as well as of Ski Bike Hike’s rules – pay attention to the signs and information boards at the resort. If any of these rules are broken, the resort is entitled to cancel the contract and withdraw the lift pass.

Respect cordons and prohibition signs

If any of these rules are broken, the resort is entitled to cancel the contract and withdraw the lift pass.

  • Hikers and other road users are not allowed on the trails.
  • Personnel may be found on the trails during opening hours, so please beware.
  • Overtaking other riders is not allowed. Speak to them instead and ask to pass while they are stationary.
  • Be particularly cautious at places where trails join or cross.
  • Remember to adapt your speed to the weather.
  • Do not stop where visibility is poor, such as on crests, after curves or on steeper trails.
  • Do not litter the resort and only ride on marked trails.

Guests who are under the influence of drink or drugs will be expelled

Alcohol and drugs impair a rider’s judgment and reaction times, putting other riders and personnel at risk. Riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

Lift passes are personal

Anyone who attempts to take a lift or use the trails without a personal or valid lift pass will be charged SEK 1,500.

Riders are responsible for their own equipment

It falls to each rider to ensure that their equipment is in good condition and that their bike does not injure other guests or personnel or damage resort equipment.