Familj i skidbacke

Skiing for all the family!

Pre-book equipment and SkiPasses before arrival. What’s more, you’ll get professional help from our knowledgeable personnel finding the right equipment, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier.

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To ski with us, you need a SkiPass – also known as a lift pass. Book online or in person.

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Ski school

Lessons are available at all levels and for all ages. Choose between refining your technique and practising in a group.

Priser Skipass 2023-2024

Vi följer branschorganisationen SLAO’s regler om Skipassets giltighet och skidåkning.

1-6 år
1-6 år
7-14 år
7-14 år
15 år och uppåt
15 år och uppåt
FörbokatPå platsFörbokatPå platsFörbokatPå platsFörbokatPå plats
Daypass (excl evenings)150 kr195 kr360 kr470 kr420 kr550 kr370 kr370 kr
Daypass incl. evenings*180 kr235 kr380 kr495 kr450 kr585 kr400 kr400 kr
Afternoon incl. evenings*150 kr195 kr370 kr480 kr420 kr550 kr370 kr370 kr
After Work nightpass (Ons/Fre)90 kr120 kr180 kr235 kr220 kr290 kr195 kr195 kr
4 hours115 kr150 kr260 kr340 kr295 kr385 kr250 kr250 kr
2-day pass*230 kr300 kr630 kr820 kr720 kr940 kr640 kr640 kr
3-day pass*300 kr390 kr870 kr1 130 kr995 kr1 295 kr875 kr875 kr
4-day pass*350 kr455 kr1 090 kr1 420 kr1 295 kr1 685 kr1 125 kr1 125 kr
5-day pass*420 kr545 kr1 295 kr1 685 kr1 480 kr1 925 kr1 315 kr1 315 kr
6-day pass*475 kr620 kr1 450 kr1 885 kr1 650 kr2 145 kr1 450 kr1 450 kr
Weekly pass*500 kr650 kr1 590 kr2 070 kr1 760 kr2 290 kr1 570 kr1 570 kr
Season pass1 195 kr1 195 kr2 695 kr2 695 kr3 495 kr3 495 kr2 495 kr2 495 kr
Yaerly pass. (Ski & Bike)1 895 kr1 895 kr3 995 kr3 995 kr4 995 kr4 995 kr3 495 kr3 495 kr
Skitouring Pass 4 Hours50 kr65 kr 100 kr130 kr150 kr195 kr100 kr130 kr
Skitouring Pass 1 Day75 kr100 kr125 kr165 kr175 kr230 kr125 kr165 kr

All Ski Passes require a Ski Data Card (60 SEK).

Ski passes should be treated as a valuable document and are personal.

Evening skiing: Wednesday and Friday from 16:00 to 20:00.

In Multi-day Ski Passes, evening skiing on Wednesday and Friday is always included.

Pre-booked school classes: 175 SEK/student (Not valid on weekends, holidays, and Week 7+8).

Season passes are valid during all opening hours of the facility, for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Ski touring uphill should be done on designated trails.

Skiing outside marked slopes is not allowed. Please note that all skiing within the facility requires a ski pass!

Don’t worry ski happy

The challenge. Skiing offers new challenges every day. Steep slopes, icy patches, powder snow, bumps, equipment, winds… Embrace them all!
The feeling of freedom. Flying across the mountain, under your own steam and down mountain slopes, with panoramic views of the wilderness.

We are what we do

Ever since the beginning, the joy of skiing and our passion have driven our business forward. We do our best to let this passion shine through in everything we do.